Monument Lake
Once again I have had the opportunity to fish one of the new Angling Lines venues that’s available to customers from March 2012.
Monument Lake is situated between the port of St Malo and Rennes and is set in the  beautiful rolling country side of Brittany in Northern France. It lies on the borders of the regions Morbhin and Cotes D’Amour and is around 5 acres in size. Down the centre of the lake is a long thin island, with channels at either end to allow fish movement between the 2 sections divided by the island. The lake is clay lined with average depths of around 3 to 5 foot. There are 7 designated swims on the lake and it’s ideal for 3 to 4 anglers. There is access to all parts of the lake with over ¾ of it having wide grassed banks and the other a gravelled drive to take you to the facilities.
Carp fishing in France
Gravelled drive to facilities
History of Monument Lake
In 1986 the lake, which was then known as Etang De Leverca, was only about 2 acres in size. A Russian businessman known as Joseph Maucarre purchased the lake with the intension of making the lake and its surrounding borders a place of beauty. He started by enlarging the lake… read more here